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  • Saturday Night at Bodie Island Light

  • Ive been down to Bodie at night to photograph lightning, but last night was the first time shooting it on a clear sky. I've been missing out! I was fishing in the surf and noticed how clear the sky was and the new moon sitting low, so I raced home, grabbed my camera gear and headed south. Glad I did[...]
  • Finally!

  • After months of lackluster waves, we finally scored on Wednesday. Spent most of the day surfing, but did shoot from the pier. Love the pier perspective on a nice south swell.  
  • Day Off

  • Had Saturday evening off for the first time since April. Was strange not having a wedding to photograph. Wasn't sure what to do, but when I saw the sun poke through the clouds during dinner, my decision was easy! Pack up the camera gear and head south! Found solitude on the beach and at the Bodie Is[...]
  • Mission Accomplished

  • I don't ask my brides to write reviews. Maybe I should, but I just feel bad asking. When they take the time and initiative to write a good review like Kelly did here on the Wedding Wire, its a nice surprise and makes me happy knowing I succeeded. Thank you for taking the time, Kelly! Means so much. [...]