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  • Gonzalo

  • Well, hurricane season is officially over. We had a few great swells here on the Outer Banks, with Hurricane Gonzalo being my favorite. Here's one of the last few waves I photographed of the 2014 hurricane season.
  • Marks ''Man Tears''

  • Nice candid moment from Frances and Mark's ceremony at Jennette's Pier last weekend. It was very clear that Mark was madly in love with Frances and in awe of her beauty. Tears were streaming down his face as she made her way down the aisle. He said ''these are man tears!''. I was the same way on my [...]
  • Triple Black Diamond

  • Triple black diamond surf conditions today at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Lots of wind and current with plenty of drift and gusty wind and current. Benny Crum and Wolfgang Blackwood starting their journey back out into the lineup.